Carlos Rueda Ortín

Viernes, 8 Noviembre, 2019

When American politics is wrapped up in the starting line for the primaries announcing the race to the White House, the shadow that followed in the footsteps of the Oval Office tenant since September 24, when Nancy Pelosi began this process, has become a reality. The U.S. House of Representatives, chaired by Nancy Pelosi, decided last Thursday that it will continue with Trump's trial thanks to the majority of Democrats in the Lower House elected last year. This mechanism is not usual in American politics, but it has been seen in the television series dedicated to politics, all those who have seen House of Cards will remember Vice President Frank Underwood using this procedure to bind his president by forcing him to resign, thus avoiding a less dignified exit.

Ultimately, the impeachment according to the provisions of the Constitution of the United States in section 4 of article II consists in that the President, Vice President and all civil servants of the United States will be separated from their positions upon being accused and convicted of treason, bribery or other crimes and serious offenses.

The reason for this parliamentary trial is the accusation that Donald Trump pressured the Ukrainian authorities to harm its political rival Joe Biden.

There are three precedents in which this process has been set in motion Nixon, Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Except for the first of them the President Nixon, who resigned before the Senate voted the resolution, the other continued their mandate backed by a majority in the Senate. Steps that the current impeachment is expected to follow because unlike the Lower House in the Senate the Republicans have a majority and it is in that chamber where the final vote takes place that decides the revocation or not.

This process can give the image of a hard punishment to President Trump but for now it has served to show the support he has in the Republican ranks in the face of the upcoming elections because as if it were a flock, the Republican representatives of the Lower House voted against the political trial, protecting their pastor.

At the bottom of the matter we find Joe Biden, former vice president with Obama and a candidate to occupy the Oval Office together with another twenty-seven. In those twenty-seven streets occupied on the starting line towards the White House there are faces that defend new realities like Kirsten Gillibrand, a great defender of the movement me too, but the force of the great businessmen and the former military is still in force.

This parliamentary judicial procedure has therefore given rise to the start of the race to lead the US, which is expected to last until November 3, 2020 when American citizens vote for their President, who knows if with a new Russian interference.

While we will follow the boring Spanish elections.

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