The Foundation Manuel Giménez Abad

The Foundation Manuel Giménez Abad for Parliamentary Studies and the Spanish State of Autonomies is a Foundation with seat at the regional Parliament of Aragon in Zaragoza. Pluralism is one of the main features of the work of the Foundation. In fact, all activities are supported by all parliamentary groups with representation at the Parliament of Aragon. Thus the Foundation aims with its activities to represent the existing plurality of our society and is supported by all parliamentary groups.

The main objective of the Foundation is to contribute to the research, knowledge dissemination and better understanding of parliamentary studies and models of territorial distribution of power. In general terms, the activities of the Foundation are concentrated in five key areas: Political and Parliamentary Studies, Territorial organization, Social state challenges, Latin America and Studies on Terrorism.

The Foundation has a stable team qualified analysts and a wide-ranging network of associated experts. The Foundation also counts on the participation of outstanding academic experts, practitioners as well as representatives from political parties and the civil society.

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